Sunday, 21 January 2018

where to buy musical instruments?

Musical instrument like flute, guitar, harmonium, keyboard, piano etc. has very less demand in market, so it has very less showrooms. 

Only in big cities one can locate music instrument shops. 

So all music shop enjoyes monopoly. 

I suggest not to purchase music instrument from showroom, but go for online purchase. Amazon is one of the best option. 

May times it is seen that people when purchase for the first time they invest in very cheap instrument, which is wrong, because cheap instrument gives substandard results. 

Some people gets excited and purchase very expensive instrument, which again is wrong. Because in common family investment in instrument is considered as waste of money. So the "artist" has to listen demotivating remarks in family. and before learning anything he loses his motivation to play the instrument.

So balancing this, do not go for very expensive instrument, as well do not purchase any cheap material instrument. 

Keep yourself motivating. Join a music class, whatever worst it is, because in music class we get motivation to learn. Many times music instructor himself is a negative person. Still you have to motivate yourself.

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